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This site is dedicated to the history of the Resnitzky Family.

This site was built and maintaned by Uri Resnitzky who passed away suddenly at the age of 42 on November 3rd, 2007.
To read words in his memory written by his faher Peretz Resnitzky click here.
To a memorial page in his sister Dalia Resnitzky's  website "teva veahava" click here.

See the video of the 2006 family re-union
See the video of the previous family re-union (1996)
See the video "Beit Aba - The story of Tova and Moshe Resnitzky"
See the video of Mote's family roots trip part I
See the video of Mote's family roots trip part II

In 1897 Gershon Resnitzky immigrated from the Kherson region in the Ukraine to Entre-Rios in Argentina with his wife Perla and 9 children. One of those children was my great-grandfather Leon Resnitzky. Two more children were born in Argentina.

Resnitzky/Pavlotzky A small part of the Resnitzky/Pavlotzky clan around 1926

Perla & Gershon ResnitzkyGershon and Perla Resnitzky

Leon Resnitzky married Cecilia Levit. They had 10 children one of them was my grandfather Moshe Resnitzky.

Cecilia & Leon Resnitzky Leon and Cecilia Resnitzky in the early 1920s

Moshe Resnitzky married my grandmother Catalina Pavlotzky. They had 4 children one of them is my father Peretz (Pedro) Resnitzky.

Catalina & Moshe Resnitzky Moshe and Catalina Resnitzky 1950

Tzila & Peretz Resniztky My parents Tzila and Peretz Resnitzky immigrated to Israel in 1955.

Uri ResniztkyYours truly, Uri Resnitzky

Please visit The Family Tree that contains 8 generations, over 890 people and 280 immediate families.

Have a look at the Family Photo Album which contains over 270 indexed family photos.

Many thanks to Hilel Resnizky for the genealogical research.
Some information was collected from Luis Schrayer's impressive family tree web site.

Photos recently contributed by Mote Resnitzky can be found here.

If you're interested in our family, please contact me via email at danny@cs.technion.ac.il or use the feedback form.

The old format Family Tree (not up to date)

Short stories and family history documents by Hilel Resnizky

Pavlotzky family short story by Haika Holtzman (Hebrew)

Poems and translations by Peretz Resnitzky (Hebrew)

Tom, Sean and Uri's Links

Tom's 1st birthday page

Sean's 30th birthday page

Sean and Uri's wedding web-site

Sean and Uri's DVDs List

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Teva Ve Ahava (טבע ואהבה)