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Photos for Shalom Tzahor

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Gan Hashomron, Shalom Tzahor, Ido Gazit

Peretz Resnitzky, Shalom Tzahor, Zion Yehudai

Catalina Pavlotzky, Moshe Resnitzky, Shalom Tzahor, Yafa Resnitzky, Peretz Resnitzky

Gan Hashomron, Haika Resnitzky, Tzila Kraffchik, Catalina Pavlotzky, Shalom Tzahor, Yafa Resnitzky, Gersh Iamburg, Talma Resnitzky, Peretz Resnitzky, Zvi Holtzman

Peretz Resnitzky, Talma Resnitzky, Yafa Resnitzky, Shalom Tzahor, Tzila Kraffchik, Zvi Holtzman, Haika Resnitzky, Moshe Resnitzky, Catalina Pavlotzky

Gan Hashomron, Haika Resnitzky, Zvi Holtzman, Peretz Resnitzky, Tzila Kraffchik, Talma Resnitzky, Gersh Iamburg, Yafa Resnitzky, Shalom Tzahor, Elsita Pavlotzky, Carlos Knopf, Dorita Kupervaser

Efrat and Kobi's wedding, Catalina Pavlotzky, Haika Resnitzky, Zvi Holtzman, Hagai Holtzman, Noa Holtzman, Edna Holtzman, Peretz Resnitzky, Tzila Kraffchik, Dalia Resnitzky, Uri Resnitzky, Talma Resnitzky, Gersh Iamburg, Ariela Iamburg, Ehud Iamburg, Yafa Resnitzky, Shalom Tzahor, Ariel Tzahor, Efrat Tzahor, Kobi Gazit, Irit Tzahor

Gan Hashomron, Shimon Weiner, Edna Holtzman, Gersh Iamburg, Talma Resnitzky, Catalina Pavlotzky, Eyal Israeli, Ariela Iamburg, Irit Tzahor, Haika Resnitzky, Yafa Resnitzky, Yahel David, Nahshon David, Noa Holtzman, Peretz Resnitzky, Tzila Kraffchik, Ido Gazit, Shalom Tzahor, Ariel Tzahor, Itai Gazit, Uri Resnitzky, Zvi Holtzman

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