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The festivities began on the very early morning hour of 11:00 on Friday January 5th 2001.

In a surprise move, Natalie and Naomi took Sean (and Uri) to the Herzelia airport where Sean piloted a Cessna 172 4-seater aircraft!

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Sean in 4X-CGJ The Pilot Hi! The wonderful city of Netanya...
Cheers! I'm actually flying this thing! Kiss Kiss... Back on the ground.
The crew. Traditional Solo Ceremony The instructor  


In the evening we met friends at Samaya - an alternative club on the Tel-Aviv - Jaffa border.

Sharon and Doron Melissa and Tomer Mel and Tomer having some fun Natalie and Naomi
Gil and Orly Sean and Uri Sean and Orita Orita and Zohar


On Saturday we took a private flight to Rosh-Pina, had an early dinner at Jauny and visited the Chocolate House. On the way back we were treated to a spectacular panoramic night-time view of Israel.

Coastline Mount Tavor Tveria Hi!
Boaz the Pilot Final approach to Rosh-Pina On the ground at Rosh-Pina Jauny


To wrap-up the day we had a late shusi dinner (ordered from Yakimono)

Sean with Zefet and Sid

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Pictures taken using Uri's new Sony DCR-PC110E digital camera - birthday present from Sean.