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Resnitzky Family Tree

How To Use the Family Tree

There is too much information to display everything at once, so the Family Tree is interactive. To use it, first choose a starting point  below. This will show you the family tree focused around the person you have selected. The family tree view is composed of four parts:

Spouse names are listed under each person's name. The default tree view starts with one generation above and below. You can then:

In the photos view you will see all the family photos that include the selected person. Under each photo you will find the list of people that appear in it. Here you can:

At the bottom of every page you will find a link to the Family Tree Index, to the Family Photo Album, to this website's Home Page and to this help page.
These four links also appear as buttons at the top of every page (including this one).

Where to Start

If you're looking for someone in particular you can select them from the comprehensive Family Tree Index (a list of all the names of the people in the tree). If you're just browsing then you may want to start with our ancestor Gershon Yosef Resnitzky or view the Family Photo Album.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Any feedback about the family tree would be greatly appreciated, including corrections and additions. Please contact us with any comments.
We are particularly interested in photos of people in the tree and identifying the family members appearing in existing photos.


The family tree display software is adapted from an original set of Perl scripts by Simon Ward - downloads available at